Concrete | Repair And Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Designs can perform concrete repair and concrete resurfacing to make your sidewalks, driveway and other installation look like new.

Installing cement is a costly endeavor. Many home and business owners opt to leave the cracked, chipped and faded cement rather than pay the cost to replace it. However, there are options that are available including concrete repair and resurfacing. Instead of having to replace the entire installation, a new surface can be poured in order to provide a fresh look to old sidewalks, driveways and more. Whether you have hairline cracks, large cracks, chips or other issues with your cement, repair can typically be completed to prevent further deterioration of the cement. Another option this available is concrete resurfacing.

Concrete Repair

The steps taken by our staff and the cost depend on the type of concrete repair that is needed. Hairline cracks can usually be taken care of easily by our team by applying a grout to the affected surface area. Cracks in a sidewalk take a bit more time to fix. Repair requires that the crack be enlarged in order to properly fix the problem and ensure the durability of the fix. Concrete repair of holes in sidewalks and driveways can be fixed as well by thoroughly cleaning the area and then filling with new cement. Our team will also assist with repairing broken corners.

Concrete Resurfacing

Some home and business owners want the look of a new installation after repair. Concrete resurfacing restores the cement back to a unified, clean look. After the concrete repair is complete, concrete resurfacing is done by applying a prime coat to meld the old and new cement. Then an ultra surface polymer is used for resurfacing. A color coat is applied to achieve the desired look of the cement. Afterward our staff applies a sealer to protect the work from hard conditions outdoors or from stains and other potential indoor damage. After concrete resurfacing is complete the cement will be ready for vehicles in 48-72 hours.

Services From Concrete Designs

Resurfacing is a cost-effective alternative to replacing cement for smart investors and limited budget homeowners. Concrete repair and concrete resurfacing can help recover cement to prevent more costly damage. Those that are looking to save some money on repairing old cement patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks and other cement should contact Concrete Designs for a quote on the cost of resurfacing. To learn more about all the cement solutions that our staff can assist you with, contact our expert staff today.

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